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The Maintenance tent (20′ x 32′) is a lightweight enclosure (LME) shelter that provides rapid deployment and maintenance elements, without sacrificing the mobility or survivability of the tent system. Due to the LME’s lightweight it can be easily erected and striked; this tent is ideal for camping trips, hunting trips, and more! The Maintenance tent system is perfect for large groups on the go or works great for music festivals and in every type of outdoor environment.

Specifications and Features:

  • Can be extended to a larger size by adding four sections.
  • Can be used to store cars, trucks or temporary storage.
  • Extra canvas pieces are also available.

Ridge Height: 14'

Diameter: 24' x 32'

Weight: (Packed) 3371 lbs

Floor Area: 640 sq. ft

Eave Height: 7 ft.

Packaged size: 289.6 cu. ft.

Doors: 2

Tent Purchasing Tips:

  • Use number of campers to determine minimum size needed.
  • Remember to consider the equipment you will store in the tent, and take into account the vestibules and gear lofts for storage.
  • Take note of the peak center height measurement to determine if you can stand inside the tent.
  • Trail campers should select the smallest lightweight tent while campground campers should select based on comfort, and buy a one or two person larger tent than needed.

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